Boost the curb appeal of your home with French doors in time for Summer

As recent events have highlighted, our British weather is unpredictable, and although it seems a long way away when you look at the snow drifts outside, Spring really is around the corner.

So now is the time to start thinking about your French doors. If they need replacing or if you’ve always wanted them and never got round to it, now is your chance.

French doors are a fantastic addition to any home, they brighten up a room, make the space seem bigger and offer a great connection to the outdoors. There’s nothing quite like lounging in the hot summer sun with your French doors wide open, essentially extending your kitchen.


They’re great for entertaining in the Summer months and if you have children or pets, they can run and play inside and out all day.

Having a “large window” to your garden also allows more light into your home, saving you money on bills by reducing the amount of artificial light you need to brighten up your space. French doors can also potentially add value to your house as they add a new aesthetic to your property which is appealing to many people. It extends your house to create a bonus living space.

Our timber patio doors can be spray finished in a range of colours to make them unique to you and to match your wooden windows.

You can design your own with our Door Builder or call our team so you can develop your own bespoke French doors.

To build your new French doors or windows visit our website or call us on 01782 608 476.

Caring for your windows

If timber windows are properly cared for they can last a lifetime. And, contrary to popular belief they aren’t as difficult to maintain as some may think.

To make sure you get the most out of your stunning new wooden windows you should be armed with the knowledge you need to keep them spic and span.

First thing’s first, during installation you should make sure that any exposed timber is touched up with a suitable preservative. If it’s pre-treated or primed it should have one finishing coat applied before installation.

With a correctly prepped window now in place, general maintenance should be straightforward. It might sound obvious but you need to clean your windows regularly, making sure you get in the nooks and crannies removing cobwebs, dirt and residue. By regularly, we mean quarterly, as this will help prevent excessive build-up of mould.

Ideally, you should take this opportunity to give your windows a thorough examination to make sure there are no problems and you can address any obvious issues immediately. These checks will highlight any flakes or cracking in the paint and you can remedy it before it gets any worse.

If you live in a clean air environment this really only needs doing every six months, but if you live in a coastal or damp area, we recommend doing it more often, preferably every three months.

When it comes to cleaning your frames, use a soft cloth and water and don’t use glass cleaner on the frames. Don’t be rough with them, particularly if they’re painted.  

For any more advice about caring for your windows visit our website or call us on 01782 608 476.

We’ve laid down plans for expansion!

This week, alongside our sister company StairBox we have sealed the deal on our expansion plans with 300 cubic meters of concrete.

The material was poured into the brand new 30,000sqft extension on Tuesday which will be used for assembly, finishing and quality control meaning there will be more room in the original building to house three new state-of-the-art CNC machines. This expansion also means several new staff members will be recruited.

Alex Hancock, director of StairBox said: “We have seen rapid growth over the past few years and we needed to meet the increase in demand, meaning we had to expand. We have had a fantastic couple of years and the businesses are going from strength to strength.”

As sister companies we are continuing to grow and only moved into premises three times the size of our previous site two years ago. Wooden Windows also undertook a complete make over in 2017 and rebranded from TA Windows in a bid to appeal to a wider customer base and to enhance the company’s national visibility.

A focus on online sales in the past 10 years have helped the sales of both businesses to soar with both StairBox and Wooden Windows constantly innovating to offer a service which allows customers to design and buy their product on the websites.

Director of Wooden Windows, Mark Winter said: “This is an incredibly exciting time for both companies. We will now be able to increase our output by 25% which will complement the growing demand. It also means we will be able to create several new jobs and add to our fantastic workforce.”

For further details on StairBox visit the website: or call: 01782 832 555 and for more information regarding Wooden Windows please visit or call: 01782 644 871

It’s time to weatherproof those windows!

We have definitely not seen the last of this cold weather, and now Christmas is out of the way, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your windows?

It couldn’t be easier to design your perfect windows with our window builder programme. If you love your current windows but they aren’t performing you can recreate them on our website.

Eradicate drafts with a Stormproof window which is a high performance timber casement or opt for a flush casement window. The name Stormproof comes from the design, which includes a casement that slightly overlaps the face of the frame when closed, this design offers additional protection against the elements in areas of extreme exposure.

You can paint it whatever colour takes your fancy and select the glass panes to suit your requirements. It takes away the stress and pressure, which is the last thing you want after the festive period.

If you combine it with double-glazing and engineered timber, you can enjoy exceptional energy efficiency and it will be low maintenance. Our Stormproof windows are resilient, watertight and draughtproof which is what you need during our cold British winters.

If you have sash windows and you’re worried about losing the charm of your period property by replacing them, you needn’t worry. Again, you can design to the exact spec of your current ones and install fresh new windows that match your previous ones but without the rattling. They are of a premium quality, using engineered timber to offer natural durability, strength and a superb surface for painting to the colour you want.

That’s the beauty of our window builder tool. You can have your window exactly how you want it. Design it yourself or call one of our friendly team for fantastic advice and guidance. You could even part design your window yourself and then call our staff to help complete it so you’re happy with the results.

If you’re ready to start thinking about your home renovation take a look at our window builder or call us on 01782 644 871.


Design your own sliding sash windows now!

We’re thrilled to have introduced a Sliding Sash WindowBuilder to our online offering bringing a modern twist to a traditional window. 

 Our original WindowBuilder has been such a success for the Stormproof windows we felt we should develop the application to give customers who wanted sliding sash windows the same option to design theirs in 3D online.

Often, many heritage buildings are in need of new windows and the sash windows are a popular option as they suit the style of the traditional property. This is the same for listed or conservation buildings which have regulations to say the windows need to remain in-keeping with the building’s legacy. So our sliding sash windows remain to be popular.  

Customers can now design their own bespoke sliding sash windows starting with the choice of a standard spiral balance or a cords and weights sash. They can input their exact measurements to ensure the windows are a perfect fit for their home or building. The sliding sash windows can be finished in either white or anthracite grey and can be primed ready for painting.  

There is the option between Redwood Pine or Hardwood and clear, satin, or obscure glass with or without Georgian bars. Customers can even design right down to the details and choose either chrome, satin or gold furniture.  

Each window comes with a high quality spray finish and is delivered between 8 and 12 weeks after the order is placed. The online builder tool allows customers to view their designs in 3D as well as being able to look at the inside and the outside.  

We’re incredibly excited to be able to enhance the service we offer our customers and we’re already working on our first online orders. 

For more information visit our website and to design your own window take a look at our WindowBuilder.

Bring festive cheer to your windows

Lined windows

Window decorations can really make your home go from fairly festive to a Winter wonderland at Christmas.

The options are endless and you can use any type of decorative material to bring Christmas to life in your window.fairylights decoration

You have the choice of decorating either inside or outside and you can adorn either with fairy lights to add a delightful twinkle to the exterior. Line your window frame with the lights to give it a bordered glow, or wrap them through some tinsel or pine to enhance the decoration even further.

If you don’t want to use lights then you can still encase your window with a garland, tinsel or ribbon instead. It’s a fantastic way to complement your internal Christmas decorations.

Lined windows

Of course you could also create a stunning window scene by using snow spray. It adds interest, detail and something different and unique to your window. Snow spray when used well creates a comforting and warm atmosphere when you’re inside looking out.

If you want to decorate your window area but would rather go down a simpler route, place ornaments on the window ledge. This can be anything you want, from a nativity scene to cartoon reindeers. You might want to include giant baubles or a mini tree, go for whatever suits your personality.

Decorative window shelf

Finally, window stickers are an easy way to liven up your window panes. Snowflakes are always a winner here, you can get a variety of shapes and sizes to mix and match and to fill your window with as many as you want.

Whatever you choose to do we’d love to see it. Share your Christmassy windows with us on Facebook or Twitter.
If you want a new window to decorate in time for Christmas take a look at our window builder.
For more information please call us on: 01782 644 871 or visit

We’re off to an excellent start!

We have been trading as Wooden Windows now for a few months and we’re pleased to say we have gone from strength to strength.

It was a great decision for our company to rebrand from TA Windows to Wooden Windows as we wanted to create a more identifiable brand, which we feel we’ve done.

Every month our figures are better than the last and we’re continuing to grow. We found when people were talking about what windows they wanted they would say ‘we want wooden windows’ or sometimes Upvc. So it made sense, as a manufacturer of wooden windows to create an identity which was easily recognisable and says what it does on the tin, essentially.

It’s fantastic to see that we made the right decision through increased sales and continuous happy customers. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and a good quality product and our new name has helped to encompass our brand and ethos.

We complemented our rebrand with the works. A new logo, website and colour scheme. Everyone in the company loves the rebrand and the logo is great. It’s very clear what we do for both our trade customers and the general public.

Do let us know your thoughts on our rebrand. Find us on Facebook or Twitter or to enquire about a new window visit our website.

For more information please call us on: 01782 644 871 or visit


Wood vs Plastic – there’s no comparison really

We know our name speaks for itself, but we believe wooden windows far exceed uPVC for many reasons.

If you are developing a property, whether that be a new or old building, choosing a timber based frame will be beneficial both aesthetically and practically. Timber performs more effectively than uPVC as it improves the thermal efficiency of a home and it is a naturally insulating material. Not only that but it is sustainable and durable and can last for hundreds of years as long as it is looked after. 

Unlike uPVC which cannot be simply repaired, wooden frames can easily be brought back to life if they weather or wear. They can be painted or stained to update them, keep them current and increase longevity. Not only that, but wood suits all styles of building from listed or period properties to modern and contemporary builds.  

If you are renovating a period property, you want to keep the charm and sophistication when updating it. By choosing a wooden window over uPVC you can ensure the authenticity remains intact. Sash windows are typically Victorian and still look great on any older building. They encapsulate the character of the house and by replacing the windows like for like but with a modernised version you are keeping the vintage persona without the worry of a draft or rot. As most windows come double glazed as standard, the new windows can ensure energy efficiency in a traditional setting.  

Our stunning sliding sash windows come in a range of colours, a full draught exclusion system, lockable catches, and with chrome / satin / or gold finishings while the spiral balances give ultimate performance and adjustment. 

Of course if you are renovating a listed building you have to abide by strict rules and regulations to ensure the nature and character of the property is preserved. Often the windows are flush and again, a wooden window is generally the answer to this. 

By investing in high quality wooden windows, the property would still look authentic and would ensure the renovation is long lasting due to the longevity which is achievable with timber. The flush casement windows we offer have a multipoint locking system which would be beneficial to a listed property as well as a variety of colour options, so they can fit right into the nature of the building. 

If you are renovating a more modern property Stormproof Wooden Windows are a fantastic option. With a rebated casement opening which lips over the outer face of the window frame, these are the ultimate window for providing excellent draught exclusion. Not only do they look stylish and sophisticated but they offer a practical solution to a new window installation. A Stormproof window is suitable for most buildings as again, they are aesthetically pleasing and can be modified to suit the style of any house.

Wooden Windows has over 40 years’ experience combined in the joinery and manufacturing industry and delivers high quality service from its 95,000sq ft complex in Stoke-on-Trent.  

Wooden Windows uses the latest technology to deliver high performing timber window production. It boasts a proactive computer aided design team and a computer controlled manufacturing facility, which combined, works towards creating top quality windows at competitive prices.  

For more information please call us on: 01782 644 871 or visit